Friday, July 29, 2016

Fresh Blood For Tired Vampyres out on Metropolis Records on October 7!

The time has come...Electric Six is proud to announce its new studio album, to be released on October 7 by Metropolis Records. The album is entitled "Fresh Blood For Tired Vampyres." The track listing is as follows:
1. Acid Reducer
2. Number of The Beast
3. Mood Is Improving
4. I'll Be In Touch
5. Lottery Reptiles
6. Dance WIth Dark Forces
7. Skin Caboose
8. My Dreams
9. Greener Pastures
10. I Got The Box
11. Lee Did This To Me
12. The Lover's Pie
13. Space Walkin'
It'll be awhile, so hold your horses, but at some point in September we'll put up a couple of sample tracks, so stay tuned for that.

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