Friday, September 23, 2016

"You're Welcome!" Kickstarter is launched!

Crazies...the moment has arrived. The new E6 Kickstarter project has now gone LIVE at…/e6absolutetre…/youre-welcome-0
"Live" is a good word for it as well, for that is half of "You're Welcome," our latest and greatest Kickstarter endeavor. One half of "You're Welcome" is a LIVE record, but this one is being recorded in the UK, at Oxford Academy on April 22. For the first time, UK (and European) fans have an easy opportunity to be part of an E6 live recording. You can get your tickets for that show at
The second disc is a sequel of sorts to our "Mimicry" set from a couple of years ago, as it'll be comprised of covers some selected by the band and some by you, the Crazies. We know the deep Crazies love Electric Six turning stylist and thus the idea for this collection was born. It's guaranteed to be a blast. For both this and the live recording, we have the same production team which worked on "Mimicry," "Absolute Pleasure" and "Absolute Treasure" with us, so it's all going to be immense.
We've also got a new feature this time around as a $20 add on to any package (or free if you're pledging at the $500 level or beyond)...the E6 Subscription Club. In short, you get early previews of the next record via demos, a remix of a song from that record, and a totally unique song not on that next album, plus older material from the vaults, photos and who knows what else. Check the Kickstarter page for more details.
We've got the usual list of exciting reward packages, plus some brand new ones as well, for you to check out. So hit the link above to get close to us one more time!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Fresh Blood For Tired Vampyres out on Metropolis Records on October 7!

The time has come...Electric Six is proud to announce its new studio album, to be released on October 7 by Metropolis Records. The album is entitled "Fresh Blood For Tired Vampyres." The track listing is as follows:
1. Acid Reducer
2. Number of The Beast
3. Mood Is Improving
4. I'll Be In Touch
5. Lottery Reptiles
6. Dance WIth Dark Forces
7. Skin Caboose
8. My Dreams
9. Greener Pastures
10. I Got The Box
11. Lee Did This To Me
12. The Lover's Pie
13. Space Walkin'
It'll be awhile, so hold your horses, but at some point in September we'll put up a couple of sample tracks, so stay tuned for that.